Courses I Train

While I teach a broader range, the following represent the most common classes that I teach.

  • InDesign – Introduction
  • InDesign – Advanced
  • Photoshop – Introduction
  • Photoshop – Advanced
  • Illustrator – Introduction
  • Illustrator – Advanced
  • Lightroom Classic

Adobe Certifications

I am an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Lightroom and Muse.

Passing a certification exam from Adobe qualifies an individual as an Adobe Certified Expert for that particular software package. Meeting an additional set of criteria from Adobe, including holding a teaching/training qualification, will see Adobe elevate an Adobe Certified Expert to an Adobe Certified Instructor.

Training Certification

I hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This is an Australian government standard required by industry to work as a certified trainer. It is equivalent to the CompTIA CTT+ certification.

Photography Certification

I hold a Diploma of Photography from Southbank TAFE, Brisbane, Australia. This was a two year course which included digital photography, film photography, darkroom processing, studio lighting and shooting on location.

I have worked as an assistant for professional photographers and shot professionally myself. I have experience with a broad range of camera and lighting equipment and worked for several years in a photographic store.


I have built a range of eLearning modules as well as designed graphics and templates for use by Instructional Designers. One major project involved creating multiple books for publication and distribution within an iTunes app.

Additional Skills

I have worked in a range of roles within the creative industries. The following are fields and skills not already mentioned.

  • Photography (Advanced)
  • HTML and HTML5 (Intermediate)
  • CSS and CSS3 (Intermediate)
  • JavaScript (Intermediate)
  • jQuery (Intermediate)

I am based in Sydney, Australia and am happy to travel anywhere.
I am available for remote and on location training.