2d face into 3d with Photoshop and Displacement Map in After Effects

Starting with a 2D image, creating the illusion of a 3D face moving in 3D space in After Effects is quite easy with a good Displacement Map. This Displacement Map, which represents the depth of facial elements, can be extremely time consuming to create when done to a high precision. This video first shows how to create the 3D animated effect in After Effects. The bulk of this video is then spent in Photoshop exploring multiple non-destructive techniques for creating the ultimate Displacement Map.


0:00 – Intro

0:55 – Displacement Map built in After Effects

3:35 – Break down of Displacement Map in Photoshop

  • Black = Furthest from camera
  • White = Closest to camera

4:45 – Creating a Displacement Map in Photoshop the destructive way

7:28 – Creating a Displacement Map in Photoshop the non-destructive way

8:04 – Vector Shapes (Elipse)

  • Feather
  • Change colour
  • Opacity

9:54 – Vector Paths (Pen tool)

  • Feather
  • Change colour
  • Opacity

10:50 – Painting in white

  • Low opacity brush
  • Multiple layers

11:46 – Painting in black

  • Low opacity brush
  • Multiple layers

12:32 – Opacity

12:59 – Masking

  • Avoid erasing

14:49 – Smart Object

  • Dynamic blur

16:02 – Good luck


https://unsplash.com/photos/7omHUGhhmZ0 (Aatik Tasneem)


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