Automatically rearrange all artboards in Illustrator

In preparation of automatically rearranging artboards, the most important thing to do is to arrange the entries within the Artboards panel in the order in which they are to be arranged within the document. This can be done by manually dragging each entry within the Artboards panel or by using the arrow buttons at the base of the panel.

Rearrange All Artboards can be activated from either the button at the bottom left, or the flyout menu at the top right of, the Artboards panel.


These buttons control the formation the rearranged artboards will takeā€¦

  • Grid by Row: Columns setting dictates the number of artboards per row.
  • Grid by Column: Rows setting dictates the number of artboards per column.
  • Arrange by Row: All artboards arranged into a single row.
  • Arrange by Column: All artboards arranged into a single column.

Layout order:

Controls whether the artboards are sorted from Left to Right or Right to Left.


Controls the amount of space between the rearranged artboards.

Move Artwork with Artboard:

Ensure this is enabled or else the artwork will remain in place while the artboards are rearranged.

If a warning sign is displayed with the text “Adjust settings to fit in more artboards”, Illustrator will not be able to rearrange the artboards into this particular configuration. Choose settings such that the artboards will be spread out over more rows or columns.


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