Changing Photoshop layer visibility from within InDesign

Photoshop documents typically contain elements over multiple layers and the visibility of these elements can be easily turned on or off. InDesign also possesses the ability to change the visibility of individual layers within a Photoshop file that is placed inside an InDesign document. This can be done when placing the Photoshop file or at any future time.


0:00 – Introduction

An overview of the files used in this video. Please excuse the gratuitous use of the word “cool”.

1:01 – InDesign Place Import Options

When placing a file into InDesign, holding down the Shift key will open the Image Import Options dialogue box. From within the Layers section, the visibility of individual Photoshop layers can be turned on or off.

2:16 – Object Layer Options

With an image selected, choosing Object Layer Options from the Object menu allows the visibility of individual Photoshop layers to be changed at any time.

3:05 – Layer Comps in Photoshop

The Layer Comp panel in Photoshop allows for particular configurations of a Photoshop file to be saved. The visibility, position and appearance (layer style) of any/all layers can be saved as a Layer Comp.

4:49 – Accessing Photoshop Layer Comps within InDesign

The Layer Comps within a Photoshop file can be accessed either at import (Place) via the Image Import Options dialogue box or at any future point via the Object Layer Options dialogue box.


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