Controlling an Illustrator Image Trace with Photoshop

Image Trace in Illustrator allows for an image to be quickly turned into vector graphics. However, any changes made to the settings are global. By using Photoshop in combination with Image Trace, local edits can be dynamically made to the image to tweak specific parts of the Image Trace.


0:00 – Introduction

  • A quick demo of how to create an Image Trace in Illustrator.
  • How Image Trace options alter the image as a whole.
  • Using Image Trace on a Photoshop file allows for local editing of a trace.

1:36 – Applying an Illustrator Image Trace to a Photoshop file

  • Using Curves adjustment layers in Photoshop allows for local darkening and lightning of an Illustrator trace.
  • Using a Threshold adjustment layer in Photoshop gives a solid simulation of what the Illustrator trace will look like.

The ZIP file above includes the following files…

  • image-original.jpg: Original image
  • image-adjusted-in-photoshop.psd: Photoshop file containing the original image plus additional adjustment layers
  • Illustrator file containing Image Traces of the original and Photoshop adjusted images
  • image-trace.png: Image Trace of original image
  • image-trace-with-photoshop.png: Image Trace of Photoshop adjusted image

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