Create an InDesign Table of Contents

An InDesign Table of Contents can not be created with the flick of a switch. Planning is required while creating the document as is the systematic use of Paragraph Styles. This tutorial will step through everything needed to create and beautifully format a Table of Contents in InDesign.


0:00 – Introduction

0:44 – Examination of document used in this example

2:24 – Review of Sections and page numbers

3:35 – Building a Table of Contents (TOC) from scratch

8:50 – Formatting TOC

10:54 – Right aligning TOC numbers

12:41 – Adding dots between TOC entries and page numbers

16:16 – Updating TOC after editing document

17:26 – Creating PDF Bookmarks and how to use in Acrobat

The ZIP file above includes the following files…

  • final.indd: InDesign file with completed Table of Contents
  • start.indd: InDesign file without Table of Contents
  • table-of-contents.pdf: PDF of document containing Table of Contents and Bookmarks

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