Export a single frame from a Premiere Pro sequence

The Export Frame button at the base of the Program panel allows for a single frame to be quickly exported out from Premiere Pro. There are a range of formats available including JPEG and PNG (supports transparency). To take finer control of the exporting of a single frame use the Media option available in the Export section of the File menu.


0:00 – Export frame button

  • Found at the base of the Program panel.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Shift + E
  • If button not visible, select the plus sign (Button Editor) in the bottom right corner of the Program panel and drag the camera icon into the series of buttons at the base of the panel.

0:38 – Export solid image

  • JPEG (no transparency support)
  • Ticking the “Import into project” option will immediately import any exported image back into the project.

1:20 – Export image with transparency

  • PNG (supports transparency)

2:47 – Export Media for greater control

  • Menu: File > Export > Media
  • Keyboard shortcut: Command/Control + M
  • The Video section of this dialogue box gives fine export control such as a quality slider for JPEGs and a Depth dropdown menu for TIFFs.
  • Ensure the “Export as sequence” checkbox is turned off or else an image will be created for every frame in the sequence.
  • The timeline allows for a different frame to be chosen for export.

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