Flick Panning in Photoshop and how to disable it

While panning an image it is possible to release the mouse button while the mouse is still in motion. Doing this will flick the image such that the image will continue to pan even though the mouse is not moved. While the image eventually slows to a halt, the flick panning can be stopped at any point by simply pressing the mouse button.


0:00 – Regular panning in Photoshop

  • With a tool selected, such as the Move tool, holding down the spacebar will temporarily switch to the Hand tool. Holding down the mouse allows you to pan the document within Photoshop.

0:23 – Flick Panning in Photoshop

1:22 – Disabling/Enabling Flick Panning in Photoshop

  • Navigate to the Tools section within the Preferences and press the toggle button next to Enable Flick Panning.


https://unsplash.com/photos/X3s_v34l40s (Mitchell Hollander)



  1. I found this video by accident and I want to give you a HUGE thank you. I have hated this feature ever since I updated my photoshop but did not know what it was called or where to find the pref. I appreciate how it can be used, but it is not for me! THANK YOU for sharing this!!!!

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