Frame Fitting Auto-Fit for fast image resizing in InDesign

When an image is placed inside of InDesign it lives within a frame. Resizing this frame does not, by default, resize the image it contains. There are numerous options that can be activated to not just have the image follow the frame as it is changed but to also do so in intelligent and specific ways.


0:00 – Frame Fitting Options

  • When a frame is resized and no longer hugs the boundaries of the image it contains, the various buttons within the Frame Fitting section of the Properties panel can be used to resize said image.

0:45 – Auto-Fit

  • With this option active, resizing the frame results in the contained image dynamically resizing while honouring the Frame Fitting option.

1:10 – Auto-Fit with an image with a non-centred subject

  • In such a scenario the subject can easily be pushed out of view when the aspect ratio of the frame is adjusted dramatically.

1:52 – Align From option within the Frame Fitting Options

  • The Options button within the Properties panel opens the Frame Fitting Options.
  • Choosing one of the nine Align From grid squares instructs InDesign to scale the image while giving preference to the selected grid area.


Green fields (Doan Tuan)

Dog by lake (Jf Brou)


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