How to create elastic animated blobs in After Effects

By default After Effects layers act independently. This tutorial shows how to simulate gelatinous objects that interact with one another as they move around. Three examples are explored with animations that progressively increase in complexity.


0:00 – Introduction

  • Demo of what will be built in this lesson

0:34 – Building demo of separating blobs

  • Create two circles as separate shape layers
  • Add Adjustment layer above the shape layers
  • To the Adjustment layer, add…
    – Gaussian Blur – Blurriness: 161
    – Simple Choker – Choke Matte: 37
  • Animate position of one of the circles

4:48 – Blobs separating with an elastic snap

  • Editing position using the Edit Speed Graph option within the Graph Editor

7:03 – Blobs separating with an elastic snap and wiggle

  • The motion between the two blobs is achieved by having Blob 2 parented to a null object that moves. This then allows the following code to be directly applied to the position of Blob 2…

timeToStopWiggling = 0.8;
if (time < timeToStopWiggling) {
} else {

  • To be able to add the above code to an element, Option(Mac)/Alt(Windows) + click on the stopwatch icon next to Position.

The ZIP file above contains the following files…

  • blobs-separating.aep: After Effects file used in this lesson
  • 01-blobs-separating-regular.mp4: Example movie
  • 02-blobs-separating-elastic.mp4: Example movie
  • 03-blobs-separating-elastic-wiggle.mp4: Example movie

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