PDF Initial View settings in Acrobat for superior user experience

There are many PDF display options in Acrobat such as the page magnification and whether pages should be displayed individually or as pairs. Many of these settings can be set in advance using the Initial View settings within the Properties section.


0:00 – Intro

Quick demo of how some PDF Initial View settings can be set when exporting out a PDF from InDesign.

1:00 – Getting into Initial View settings in Acrobat.

1:35 – Navigation tab

Changing this setting to Bookmarks Panel and Page forces the Bookmarks panel to be displayed within Acrobat which is excellent for PDFs with built-in bookmark navigation.

2:58 – Page layout

This setting controls whether pages are displayed individually or side-by-side. If displayed side-by-side, the ability is also provided to show the first page as a stand-alone cover page.

4:48 – Magnification

Options include displaying an entire page at a time (Fit Page) or displaying a page at full width (Fit Width).

5:43 – Open to page

Open the PDF at a specific page.

6:04 – Resize window to initial page

Have the Acrobat interface resize to hug the initial page within the PDF.

7:24 – Center window on screen

Have the Acrobat interface be displayed in the horizontal center of the user’s screen.

8:05 – Open in Full Screen mode

Acrobat will hide it’s own interface and display the PDF in full screen mode. When doing so, Acrobat will display a pop-up message alerting the user that this is happening. However, the message can appear as an alert to a casual user and discourage them from viewing your document.

9:20 – Show File Name vs Show Document Title

By default, Acrobat will display the file name in the title bar. Changing this option to Show Document Title will display the more user friendly Document Title which can be changed in the Description section of the Document Properties.

10:13 – User Interface Options

Various sections of the Acrobat interface can be turned on or off from here.


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