Quickly extract pages from a PDF in Acrobat

The Acrobat menu has options for extracting pages from a PDF. However, with the page thumbnails visible, the fastest way to extract pages is to simply select the relevant pages and drag them to the desktop to create a new PDF.


0:00 – Show page thumbnails

  • Method 1: View Menu – Show/Hide – Navigation Panes – Page Thumbnails.
  • Method 2: Click on interface left edge to reveal icons with the top icon revealing Page Thumbnails.

0:39 – Single page extraction

  • Drag page thumbnail to desktop to create a new PDF.

1:09 – Multiple page extraction

  • Use Shift key to select a continuous range of pages.
  • Use Command/Control key to select a discontinuous range of pages.
  • Drag selection to desktop to create a PDF.

1:48 – Rearrange pages

  • Drag page thumbnails around to change page order within a PDF.

2:09 – Copy pages between PDFs

  • Drag page thumbnails between PDF documents to copy pages.

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