Sample a colour from an image in InDesign with the Eyedropper Tool

The Eyedropper Tool within InDesign allows for a colour to be sampled from an image. This colour can then be easily turned into a swatch or used to recolour other artwork. The Option/Alt key can be used in combination with the Eyedropper Tool to dramatically speed up the sampling process.


0:00 – Swatches refresher

  • Out of the fill swatch and the stroke swatch, the one that overlaps the other has focus and will be changed when sampling a colour with the Eyedropper Tool.

0:53 – The Eyedropper Tool

  • Keyboard shortcut: I
  • By default, the Eyedropper icon leans to the right and is empty.
  • Clicking on an image will sample that colour while changing the Eyedropper icon to lean to the left and be “filled” with digital ink.

1:27 – Creating a Swatch from a sampled colour

  • This sampled colour can be turned into a Swatch by selecting the Flyout menu within the Swatches panel and choosing New Colour Swatch.

1:47 – Changing an objects colour with the Eyedropper

  • Having sampled a colour with the Eyedropper, clicking on an item will change that items colour. Attention needs to be given as to whether the fill or stroke swatch has focus.

2:10 – Resetting the Eyedropper

  • Hold down the Alt/Option key to be able to sample a new colour.

3:10 – Preselect objects for greater resampling speed


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