Stop high quality images from pixelating inside InDesign

InDesign can create and edit massive documents that contain huge external assets such as Photoshop files. To keep the program as responsive as possible, InDesign may display assets at a lower quality on screen without affecting the output quality. These display settings can be easily overridden which can make for a more comfortable design experience.


0:00 – Intro

Demo file contains a high quality raster image and a vector file. So why do these images look so pixelated?

0:54 – Display Performance options

  • These are display only options and will not alter the output of any content.
  • Fast Display: All graphics grey out.
  • Typical Display: Graphics are displayed as a mid-quality, pixelated proxy.
  • High Quality Display: Graphics are displayed at a high quality.

2:31 – Object-Level Display Settings

  • The display quality can be changed on a per image basis.
  • All of these local overrides can be cleared with a single setting.

3:45 – Display Performance in the Preferences

  • The default global Display Performance can be set from here as well as the individual settings for the 3 Display Performance options.

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