Take Snapshot and Show Snapshot in After Effects

When animating in After Effects you will often find yourself repeatedly referencing a particular frame. This can be quite tedious as it requires moving back and forth between that reference frame and the area being edited. The Take Snapshot button allows for a capture of a particular frame to be taken. The Show Snapshot button displays that captured image at any point regardless of where you are working within the composition.


0:00 – Intro

Overview of the animation in the demo file and how the ability to take and quickly review a Snapshot of a particular frame could assist in animating.

0:38 – Take Snapshot and Show Snapshot button location

1:35 – Keyboard shortcut for Show Snapshot is F5

1:55 – Alternate mode for Show Snapshot

Holding down Alt/Option while pressing the Show Snapshot button will compare the current frame to the Snapshot image via a type of difference blend mode. Areas that are identical will show up as black which makes for the easy identification of movement between the current frame compared to the Snapshot image.


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